This is such a great idea for an account!! Love it!

Glad ya like! :)

Are you sure the motel play suit isn't her exact one they look almost identical? I know that's the point but how do you know it's the maje one for definite?

I’m positive it’s not. She’s actually said herself that she has the maje playsuit. The two are very similar but her’s is definitely the maje.

I don't even have to look through you blog! You name says it all Calder for less, can I say I love you already? I can guarantee you will be my new favorite blog xxx

Haha, thank you thank you!

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QUICK: what color should I paint my nails? (Not red. I just had that) Xx.


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I was literally soo close to buying Els black dress she wore in NYC until i remembered that I already owned the ASOS sleeveless dress, which is so similar!! hahahah

Yeah they’re super similar!

Gah thank you thank you I'm so excited

Welcome welcome!